QIP (query in progress): DAY OF THE NOT SO DEAD

Fifteen-year-old Valerie is the newest curandera in her family’s long line of folk healers. She's always known about healing sinus infections and warding off mal de ojo (evil eye), but when her nana suffers a stroke, she learns about the part of her calling she’s never heard of. The spirit warrior part. 

Nana’s stroke is no mere medical condition. A Demon Lord with a Don Juan complex, who’s always had his lusty eye on Nana, has stolen her soul. Though unskilled, Valerie accepts her supernatural role, sending her own soul into the Underworld of her Aztec ancestors to save her nana. But the Underworld isn’t what she expects. Sure there’s the Demon Lord and a horde of his half-demon sons who want nothing more than to send her body and soul into Hell’s Gate. But there are others, animal-human beings who represent every person in her small town. Some need her help as much as her nana. But every time she stops to offer healing, she loses precious time as her nana’s comatose body continues to die. If Nana dies without her soul, she will be forever lost. 

Help comes from unexpected places; her autistic brother who can see her in spirit form, a guy from her new school who has read Lord of the Rings too many times, and two of Demon Don Juan’s sons. One tells her he can help if she’ll bring him back to her world and reunite him with his human mother. The other warns her that there’s a darker plan at work she needs to focus on, that her nana is only a distraction. Valerie’s desperate and time’s running out. If she ever wants to feel her nana’s loving arms around her again, she’ll have to decide whose help she can trust. But trusting the wrong person in the Underworld can mean not only death, but eternal damnation. 

DAY OF THE NOT SO DEAD is a YA Multicultural Fantasy complete at 60,000 words with series potential. Thank you for your consideration.

This is the first of many query drafts for my newest book. There's something missing that I can't quite put my finger on, and it's on the long side. More to come.

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